I'd write a lifestyle blog...

...but that would imply that I have a life (and style).

So, instead, I’m writing this blog: a collection of recipes and household tips for the domestically avoidant (like me), unsolicited advice on everything from writing or blogging to health and fitness, and an assorted miscellany of random thoughts.

Easy Crusty Rustic Bread

Ever wanted to make your own crusty bread but lamented that it would take too long or that you didn’t have a wood fire oven? Worry no more! This bread is easy to make right from your own oven.

A Sloth and His Blog

There are MANY WordPress tutorials on the Internet, but, as far as I know, none featuring a cute Sloth. This is the first in a series of WordPress tutorials. Help Jet the Sloth build his website from the ground up (or from the tree down).

Another Blog Post about Keeping Those ☠@✴#ing New Year Resolutions

A New Year is here again. It’s resolution time! Here are some ways you can avoid becoming a statistic on Quitter’s Day and stick with those goals!

Fourteen Ways to Limit Your Writing Success

Want to stop yourself from writing successfully? Here are some tips.

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